NewPlast  Company was founded in 2002 and in 2007 it became the first company in Transcaucasian area to manufacture plastic and metal- plastic pipes - advanced, environment-friendly and easy-to-use products.

NewPlast company is quality oriented. High-quality raw material and utilities are imported directly from the manufacturer. We choose our raw material suppliers basing on two main principles: a) it should be one of world's leading manufacturers, and b) should specialize in one-type production only, which ensures quality. All the production processes are strictly controlled by the QC service. All the tests are done in our modern laboratory, which is the only one in Armenia accredited for this kind of work.

NewPlast Products

Our pipes do not rust, change taste and chemical properties of the medium. The material used does not contain harmful chemicals that is why NewPlast  pipes are suitable for drinking water and food application. Metal compression and press fittings are completely galvanized and the brass alloys used in their production correspond to the established sanitation norms. Our products include polymer and metal-plastic pipes with wide diameter range, various connecting elements and stop valves, and all the necessary accessories for water supply and heating systems.

Armenia imports energy resources and NewPlast  Company intends to have its own contribution in the stable development of the infrastructure.

NewPlast   Company offers material- and energy- preserving technologies for construction and water preserving irrigation systems for agriculture. The Company aims at introducing totally new low-energy heating systems for residential and industrial areas, based on the Northern European experience.

The company (GRP Systems)  started to produce big diameter pipes for upgrading and reconstruction of household and utility pipelines, as well as state water wholesalers.

NewPlast  Market Policies

NewPlast   offers complex pipeline systems and widest assortment of accessories and connecting elements. We do our best for our customers, providing delivery and expedition of the goods in the shortest time.

NewPlast. Your comfort and convenince are our standards.